Original Painting of
The Last Flight of the Spirit of LSU
by artist Glenn Gore

Artist Glenn Gore was commissioned in 1994
to produce the painting "Last Flight of the Spirit of LSU "
Mr. Gore spent several months of research on the details of
the B-24 Liberator bomber before the actual painting was begun.
He also spent many hours interviewing Mr. A.B. Smith, who was the
"nose gunner" on the Spirit of LSU.. Mr Smith is also a graduate of LSU
and today, lives in West Monroe, Louisiana

Mr. Smith's story of his involvement in the Air War in Europe in WW II
his vivid description of the day the Spirit of LSU was shot down
gave the artist the visialization to compose the scene as it actually
happened on that fatal day in May, 1944..

The story of the painting of the "Last Flight of the Spirit of LSU"
has a twist of Irony in it.

Twenty one years before Mr. Gore was commissioned to paint
the Last Flight of the Spirit of LSU, he was commissioned to produce
a special etching of the LSU tiger for the LSU Alumni Association.
This etching was used to raise funds for the association.

When he was asked to do this special painting of
the B-24 Spirit of LSU, Mr. Gore knew that it was actually
a completion of a story that he had become
involved in so long ago.

The "Fighting Tiger" Etching that he produced in 1973
and the
Spirit of LSU painting are a perfect match,
and both originals now hang side by side
at the LSU Alumni Center on
the LSU campus in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The original artwork depicting the Fighting Tiger
was produced in the Rare Artform
of Fine Line Etching

Art Prints of the Painting "Last Flight of the Spirit of LSU"
and the Etching "Fighting Tiger" are available.
Contact us at:

Silver River Art



The original artwork depicting the Fighting Tiger was also produced
on LSU Gold Art Stock for the LSU Alumni Association in 1973
A few of these prints are still available

Contact us at:
Silver River Art


The "
Fighting Tiger" was produced in the Rare Artform of
Fine Line Etching on Scratchboard

Scratchboard is the art of engraving fine
lines into a special plaster finished art board. 
Lifelike images are formed out of literally
thousands of etched lines.     Each tone
in the image is determined by the amount
  of lines in each detailed area of an Etching.
Each hair of the animal is etched into
the art board to form a dynamic image.

Fine Line Etching is a rare Art Form
that is very similar to the ancient 
woodcut  engravings developed by the
Chinese hundreds of years ago.

Few artists have mastered this rare Art style,
because of the discipline and the patience 
required to produce a finished etching.  
Many of these etchings require hundreds
of hours to complete.

About the Artist Glenn Gore

Glenn Gore, is a native of Northeast Louisiana,
and has spent most of his life
studying nature and wildlife.

Mr. Gore's artwork is a study of animals
in the wild, and the scenes he produces are
familiar and popular with those who
love and appreciate the out-of-doors

View the complte collection of Glenn Gore Etchings
on the following website

Glenn grew up hunting and fishing
in the hills, swamps, and bayous,
that are so prevelant along the
Ouachita ( Washita ) river,  that runs
through Louisiana and Arkansas.

Mr. Gore is a conservationist
dedicated to preserving our natural
environment and the wildlife that inhabits it
for generations to come,
thinks that we should enjoy the earth
and it's beauty, but should, also, strive to
"leave the earth a better place
than when we found it".

Glenn Gore is active in Environmental
Preservation and is founder of the
Ouachita River Foundation,
a non-profit organization, founded
to promote and preserve the beauty
and history of the Ouachita River.
The Ouachita River runs through
Arkansas and Louisiana and has been
deemed to be one of the
world's most beautiful rivers.


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